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Champagne Fun Festival

Imagine yourself strolling through the park on a beautiful South Florida afternoon enjoying live music while sipping delicious champagne. Well, on November 18, 2017, you can do just that at Esplanade Park during the Champagne Fun Festival. The park is only about 25 minutes from the Bonaventure Resort, so this is one festival that you will not want to miss. The festival features Veuve Clicquot with Rose, Brut, and Rich champagnes. The fun starts at four with DJ Adam Lipson setting the mood for an exciting evening. At 6 PM, a fashion show featuring 3 prestigious designers will take place. Lastly, Miami Heat DJ, DJ Irie, will bring the night to a fun-filled close. In addition to the live entertainment, there will also be plenty of games available throughout the festival. Whether you are a champagne connoisseur or just enjoy a sip every now and then, the Champagne Fun Festival is the event for you!

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