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Experience History at Peace Mound Park

Experience History at Peace Mound Park

Attractions Near Weston Resort

There is no better place to interact with the history of the Weston area than at Peace Mound Park. Located just a short ten minute drive from the Bonaventure Resort, Peace Mound is the city of Weston’s first archaeological park. For history buffs, the park is the site of Tequesta Trace burial mound and includes information about the tribe. In fact, Peace Mound Park features state of the art exhibits and even a below ground cutaway. It is easy to be overcome by the five thousand year history of the site. The park, which is open from 8 AM- 9 PM, also contains a fishing dock, a playground for the kids, a beautiful waterfront, and areas that are perfect for afternoon picnics. For those looking for a nice outdoor space to exercise, the park offers a wonderful bike and walking path. This park truly allows you to escape the distractions of everyday life while catching a glimpse of history. So come ready to learn about a local Indian tribe, or just bring a good book to enjoy while soaking up all of the history that the park has to offer. Or stop by Substantial Salads and Subs on your way to the park to stock up for a picnic overlooking the waterfront and stay to catch the unbelievable sunset. No matter your interests, Peace Mound Park has something to offer everyone. It is the perfect place to unwind for a day while also making memories that will last for a lifetime. The Tequesta tribe considered the area where the park is located to be a sacred place, and after spending a day or two exploring all the park has to offer, you will undoubtedly feel the same way.

Address: 1300 Three Village Road, Weston, Florida 33326

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