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Ghosts and Legends Tour

For some people, the end of summer signals the end of fun and freedom and the beginning of another school year. For others, it is a time for excitement because Halloween is just around the corner. If you fall into the latter category, you may want to experience the Ghosts and Legends of Fort Lauderdale walking tour. The meeting place for the tour, which is put on by the top rated walking tour in the area, is only about 25 minutes from the Bonaventure Resort. You are sure to have lots of fun and even a few scares as your tour guide walks you to the actual spots of actual murders, mayhem, and ghost stories. The tour also provides insight in the Cooley Landing Massacre and the history of rum runners in the area. The tour is fun, informative, and just scary enough to keep you entertained for the entire 90 minute experience.  

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