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Calling all yoga aficionados to The Prana Lab in Weston. Located just five minutes from Bonaventure Resort, The Prana Lab is the perfect place for all levels of yoga practitioners. The instructors are flexible in more ways than one. They are willing to adjust the class and instruction to fit your skill level in the art of yoga. The Prana Lab also has classes in Ayurvedic traditions, yoga nidra, holistic nutrition, and numerology. They even offer programs for children and families. The Prana Lab is the perfect to unwind and relax for an afternoon. You will experience comfort and Zen like no other time in your life. After a day of exercising your mind and body, head back to the Bonaventure Resort for a refreshing cocktail, glass of wine, or microbrew at Bar Zen. It will be the perfect ending to a perfect and peace-filled day!

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