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A Scenic Drive

Sometimes the most relaxing part of a vacation can be a leisurely drive through beautiful and historic areas. During your stay at the Bonaventure Resort, you can take advantage of exactly that kind of drive. The destination for this journey, which will take only about an hour round-trip, is the Coral Springs Covered Bridge. For most of the drive to the bridge, the road hugs the Everglades, providing you with glimpses of the wide variety of plant and animal life housed within. After about half an hour, you will reach the covered bridge which was the first permanent structure by the town of Coral Springs in 1964. It has withstood hurricanes and tropical storms and is a true testament to American architecture. Once you have explored and enjoyed the beauty of the bridge, you can return the way you came, getting yet another chance to take in the breathtaking Everglades. 

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